Engineering Services – Building Information Modeling (BIM)

As we honor our S2I slogan of “Smart, Sustainable and Innovative”, we offer our clients the state of the art smart project management solutions through the integrated BIM-driven construction and project management process.

BIM is the contemporary smart PMCM, and defines the future of construction on bot short and long terms. Contractors are currently utilizing the integrated BIM process more than design firms. Firms who heavily utilize BIM are the future leaders of the construction market worldwide. BIM process is now instrumental in creating the paramount competitive advantages of efficiency and productivity, with the ultimate goals of higher profitability and sustained growth of construction businesses.

We partner with and retain the best BIM experts, develop BIM models for new structures up to 4D models, and have the capability up to 7D dimensions to include cost, energy efficiency and facility management applications.

We provide our BIM services for new construction and have the capability of producing BIM models through laser scanning of existing structures.

Because S2I, LLC has a strong global reach, we offer our BIM services with the highest competitive advantage of both quality and cost differentiation.