Change Management, Contract Administration & Dispute Resolution

We perform an integrated change management process through proper contract administration and contemporary record keeping. Our approach focuses on the most thorough analyses and scrutinized fact checking. Scope changes are inevitable on projects, and when well managed dispute is avoided

If disputes arise, we help you manage the resolution process, and ensure your rightful entitlements are safe guarded and retrieved through amicable resolutions.  We also partner with the best expert witnesses in the market and work with the strongest legal counsel for the most favorable settlements of construction contract disputes

We have been very successful in helping our clients resolve disputes, recover their project budgets and most importantly avoid a lengthy and costly litigation process

We leverage integrating our strengths in construction project management, project controls, cost and time management, and our savviness in contracts and business administration. We differentiate ourselves and retain our competitive advantage for the best value outcome to our clients

We capitalize on our utmost experiences in the Federal construction market, and have been ultimately successful on resolving contract issues and salvaging major multi-million dollar projects for our clients